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Shuta Photo is a Mystic Connecticut based video production company that creates captivating visual content. Our work includes commercials, corporate videos, non-profit fundraising films, and documentaries. 



So much work goes into filming a TV commercialcorporate video, or video production before the cameras start rolling. One of the main fundamentals to success in every video project is determining the best possible production that we can create while staying within your budget.



Whether your goal is to inform, entertain, increase sales, or to elicit drama and emotion, Shuta Photo can help you reach your objectives. We produce video for TVcommercialswebsites, documentaries, independent films, music videos, corporate videos, and social media

Post Production

Audio, Color Correction, Motion Graphics...

We aim for a perpetual state of engagement with cutting-edge techniques and technology to provide classy and polished post-production videos. Shuta Photo's video post-production services consist of Editing, Motion Graphics, 2D & 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Voice-Over, and Sound Design.


Capturing still life

Photographers bring creative integrity, vision, and passion to every project. We have created photography that engages, enlightens, and helps viewers relate. We achieve this using a range of cameras, lenses, and lighting to create visually appealing stories.

Voice Acting

Adding a voice to your brand

Just as important as video is for visually telling your story, voice is also vital audibly. The voice helps set the tone of your brand and holds the power of persuasion. We have in-house voice actors as well as a plethora of actors online that can help set your companies tone.

Aerial Video & Photography

Capturing angles from a new perspective

With Shuta Photo, you get more than your average aerial photography company. We provide aerial video and photography services for small- to large-scale video production using the latest technology and techniques. We are FAA exempt.


Building a connection with your prospective clients

Video production takes creativity, diligent industry research, and lots of ingenuity in order to create a persuasive video that delivers results. At Shuta Photo in Mystic Connecticut, we do just that for all of our clients. Whether or not your marketing team has an entire scheme sketched out, or whether you’ve only the humble beginnings of an idea, Shuta Photo's imagination, talent, and charismatic team can help you get it done.

Our Portfolio



We develop a unique approach for your project that identifies its goals. Through project management, we actualize and adapt the approach throughout the project to make sure it remains consistent with the project’s overall objectives.

Concept Development

The first step we take to craft this approach, is meet in a pre-production meeting. That’s where we get together with you and your team and listen to what you would like the project to achieve. During the meeting, we discuss your project’s background, target audience, content, logistics, and timelines. Next we hold a brainstorm meeting with our own team to further craft your message. We compile all the information into a package that you can then review with your team.


We begin production straightforward with filming. This involves shooting scripted elements combined with b-roll. Next we take this footage and develop a rough cut which allows you to verify that the video will meet your team's expectations. Subsequent cuts (fine cut, and final cut) are then constructed for your review and finally the product delivery.



Shuta Photo is an innovative, creative, and dedicated  video production company. We excel in several video services, which lets us focus on one particular feature of your project or every aspect from pre-production to post-production. Allowing us to administer your project in its entirety ensures a cost-effective budget along with absolute production efficiency.


More work available upon request



Animated Logos

The following logos were animated by me for educational purposes and are not yet affiliated with the actual businesses.


Double Exposure
3D Artwork
3D Artwork
Groton Utilities
The Stone House
Real Estate Photography
Festival of Lights
3D Render of Guacamole Oil
Thompson Exhibition Building
Thompson Exhibition Building
The Breakers
The Breakers
The Breakers
My Wife @ the Breakers
My Wife
My Wife.
FCSS Golf Outing
FCSS Golf Outing
Home Aerial Photography
Stonington Sun Set
Downtown Mystic Sunrise
Olde Mistick Village
Johnny's Peking Tokyo
Johnny's Peking Tokyo
Johnny's Peking Tokyo
Hartford, Connecticut
Olde Mistick Village
Two Youngin's
Stonington Borough
Our Work
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Justin Mashuta

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I have been involved in video since 2005 when some friends and I set a goal to make a movie. At first I started with visual FX, and worked my way into camera work, storytelling, audio capture, and editing. I'm self-taught through personal teaching, and self-immersion. The internet has been a tremendous tool in allowing me to teach myself the software, and theory I needed to know in order to bring stories to life. When I first started this business I was mainly a drone pilot. Before the final say on drone law I got my pilots license in order to legally fly my drone. That was an incredible and fun experience. I still am flying today!

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