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Video production takes creativity, diligent industry research, and lots of ingenuity to create a persuasive video that delivers results. Whether or not your marketing team has an entire scheme sketched out, or whether you’ve only the humble beginnings of an idea, Shuta Productions imagination, talent, and charismatic team can help you get it done.



We meet with your team to learn your goals and figure out ways video can best benefit your business. We take those goals, strategies and formulate them to the best storytelling frameworks.



We take all that we've developed in pre-production and put it into action. We can produce live action or animation. Lights, Camera, Action!



We take the raw footage and bring it into post-production. Editing is the keyword here. We include 2 revisions with every job so that when we finish, you will love your video.



You have an awesome video! Now what?? We can turn the videos over to your marketing team or we can help get your video in front of the right people.

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Shuta Productions

Shuta Productions
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Mystic Pizza - Mini Documentary

Mystic Pizza - Mini Documentary

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Oddly Fairview

Oddly Fairview

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2020 Always Home Gala

2020 Always Home Gala

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the mission

We help small businesses and marketers alike create strategic, world-class, heartfelt videos that reach the right people at the right time that are designed to attract new clients and grow your business so that you can continue doing what you love.

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Kathy, Always Home

Seeing and hearing a client tell their own story of overcoming homelessness because of Always Home is compelling. When we show Justin’s video at our gala, every person’s attention is completely riveted to the screen and our message – how we are preventing family homelessness and why our work is so critical – is communicated with crystal clarity.


Ashley, Fairview

Not only was Justin extremely responsive and eager to get started, but he actually had an interest in what we were looking to do. He genuinely wanted to help us showcase our community. Watching other projects that he had worked on made it clear that he was offering a better product than other vendors we had looked into.


Steven, AZ Corp

It was a great feeling to have a trusted partner providing a turnkey solution to the wide range of activities and disciplines needed to produce professional video. With that being said, it was amazing to see the quality of our first footage and to have been a stakeholder with Shuta Productions in making that happen.


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  • Why should I work with Shuta Productions?
    There are a lot of videographers out there. They create videos visually, but when it comes to substance and emotion, they miss the mark. We aim to get you results, pure and simple. The videos we make not only look world-class, they are also integrated with marketing knowledge and video strategy designed to get you results.
  • Which industries do you serve?
    We can accommodate and serve any industry. Our main expertise lies in construction, small business, retail, corporate, and utilities. When designing a video that speaks to buyers, the underlying language is the same.
  • Why can't I just hire a local videographer?
    This is always a viable option for some businesses. Usually videographers will get you a great looking video, but you will need to come up with the messaging and strategy to merge the visuals back to your business goals. Most businesses do not have the resources to spend creating video projects on their own. It's important you create the right video the first time around. This will save you from 1) buying a video that doesn't get you a return on investment AND 2) hiring another company to create more videos.
  • Do you write the scripts or do we?
    We recommend allowing our team of writers produce the script. Their knowledge of formulaic copywrighting will assure your video gets the best results.
  • What if I don't want to be on camera?
    That's perfectly okay! We can hire actors, voice-overs, or create an animated video.
  • What's the creative process like?
    At Shuta Productions, our primary goal is strategy. The first step is setting up a meeting with your team. From this meeting we will learn about your goals which will help us make suggestions about how we can formulate the best video strategy for your business. When we have a rough idea of where we want to go, our imagineers and copywriters will develop a message and vision for your video. Once we agree on the foundation, we will write a rough draft script and a verbal storyboard. We will meet again in-person to discuss our initial concept design. We will take your feedback and make the appropriate changes/additions. For the scripting process we include two revisions. If your project is utilizing animation, we will show you the concept designs to be sure you love what you see. Once everything has been signed off (script, designs, etc.) we will continue onto production (filming) and finally post-production. We also include two rounds of revisions during post-production. The revisions are built in so that you know you’re getting the best videos.
  • What's the turnaround time on a video project?
    Our typical turnaround time for a video project is 5-8 weeks from agreement to final video for larger projects and 2-4 for smaller projects. This includes time for your team to give feedback and revisions, so we can work faster if your team is responsive during the process.
  • How much time will I or my team need to invest in the project?
    It differs based on the needs of the client and scope of the project. Testimonials won’t take much of your time because we handle most of the details for you. Explainers, brand stories and like videos will take more time investment. We need to gather all the details of what it is you do, and we need to pick your brain for projects like that. We usually need you for 1 – 2 hours before we write the first script. And depending on the project scope, another hour for each round of script revisions. The same goes for post-production. In total that’s roughly 6 – 12 hours for larger projects (5-6 weeks) and 3-6 hours for smaller projects (2-4 weeks).
  • What if I need revisions?
    We include 2 rounds of revisions for both scripting and video. It's a total of 3 rounds for both scripting and editing. In the rare case we go beyond 3 revisions, we’ll provide an estimate and bill you at an hourly rate of $150. We can always add-in revisions to the estimate if you believe you will need more. As for revisions to previous video projects, we’re more than happy to provide an estimate and update your videos for you. We can also create videos that can be updated inexpensively. If your business is going through product or messaging changes, let us know and we will incorporate that into your strategy.
  • How do I get started?
    Fill out this formand I will reach out to you!
  • How much will a video cost me?
    Ah, the famous question. There are a lot of variables when taking this question into consideration. In general, our projects can range from $1,500 to $10,000 and beyond. It all depends on your individual needs. Some of the variables to consider are: will we need actors, how many shoot days, how big of a crew will we need, and will there be animation involved.
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