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Video production takes creativity, diligent industry research, and lots of ingenuity to create a persuasive video that delivers results. Whether or not your marketing team has an entire scheme sketched out, or whether you’ve only the humble beginnings of an idea, Shuta Productions imagination, talent, and charismatic team can help you get it done.



We meet with your team to learn your goals and figure out ways video can best benefit your business. We take those goals, strategies and formulate them to the best storytelling frameworks.



We take all that we've developed in pre-production and put it into action. We can produce live action or animation. Lights, Camera, Action!



We take the raw footage and bring it into post-production. Editing is the keyword here. We include 2 revisions with every job so that when we finish, you will love your video.



You have an awesome video! Now what?? We can turn the videos over to your marketing team or we can help get your video in front of the right people.

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Shuta Productions

Shuta Productions
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Mystic Pizza - Mini Documentary

Mystic Pizza - Mini Documentary

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Oddly Fairview

Oddly Fairview

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2020 Always Home Gala

2020 Always Home Gala

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the mission

We help small businesses and marketers alike create strategic, world-class, heartfelt videos that reach the right people at the right time that are designed to attract new clients and grow your business so that you can continue doing what you love.

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Kathy, Always Home

Seeing and hearing a client tell their own story of overcoming homelessness because of Always Home is compelling. When we show Justin’s video at our gala, every person’s attention is completely riveted to the screen and our message – how we are preventing family homelessness and why our work is so critical – is communicated with crystal clarity.


Ashley, Fairview

Not only was Justin extremely responsive and eager to get started, but he actually had an interest in what we were looking to do. He genuinely wanted to help us showcase our community. Watching other projects that he had worked on made it clear that he was offering a better product than other vendors we had looked into.


Steven, AZ Corp

It was a great feeling to have a trusted partner providing a turnkey solution to the wide range of activities and disciplines needed to produce professional video. With that being said, it was amazing to see the quality of our first footage and to have been a stakeholder with Shuta Productions in making that happen.