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Get a video marketing strategy that 
moves people to take action.

Use heartfelt, compelling storytelling to grow your business so you can keep following your passion.

Cinematography Reel

VFX Reel

Are you ready for a video that converts?
One that isn't your normal "corporate video", but one that actually matters to people and inspires them to take action? 

Get a video that ultimately conveys the heart of your brand's message

With great confidence, persuade your audience

Enjoy working with the video crew

Filming a Scene

The Simple + Clear Video Process

How It Works

Book a free 20-minute Discovery Call
Vision Scope
We'll guide you through our Vision Scope Workshop and use our special approach to assist you in developing a plan that is tailored to your vision and brand. 
We produce a video that grows your audience and moves them to action. 

We are aware of how frustrating it can be to invest time and resources in marketing that fails to deliver.

That's why we've devised a dependable method for creating an engaging video with a clear message.

We can't wait to help you become the marketing visionary that's guiding your company towards its next level of success. The first step? Sign up for our 2-hour workshop where we will walk through all aspects, from creating brand messaging strategy and planning out video production. Before you know it, we're giving each other high-fives and fist-bumps to celebrate the fact that you've become an even bigger marketing hero than you already were. 

In order for viewers to feel like they know, like, and trust you, your video needs to relate to them on a personal level.


Ashley Lane
Marketing Coordinator

Not only was Justin extremely responsive and eager to get started, but he actually had an interest in what we were looking to do. He genuinely wanted to help us showcase our community. Watching other projects that he had worked on made it clear that he was offering a better product than other vendors we had looked into.

Kathy Keller
Marketing Manager

Seeing and hearing a client tell their own story of overcoming homelessness because of Always Home is compelling. When we show Justin’s video at our gala, every person’s attention is completely riveted to the screen and our message – how we are preventing family homelessness and why our work is so critical – is communicated with crystal clarity.


Steven Biondo
Director of Marketing

It was a great feeling to have a trusted partner providing a turnkey solution to the wide range of activities and disciplines needed to produce professional video. With that being said, it was amazing to see the quality of our first footage and to have been a stakeholder with Shuta Productions in making that happen.


Vanessa Schaefer
Co-founder & Creative Director

You understood the challenge right away and hit the ground running. Throughout the project, you were extremely flexible and stayed on schedule even when we added a ton more work to the project scope.

Don’t let your video be forgettable.

Help people feel what you’ve always wanted them to feel about your company.


The Secret Blueprint for Short Videos That Boost Sales

With this simple-to-replicate video production template, we show how to increase your clients. 

(Without having to be an expert in video production) 

Download link is on the way!

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